Application fields of EPE pearl cotton foam material

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Application fields of EPE pearl cotton foam material

At present, people are in contact with plastics or plastic products everywhere in life, work, and study. It has become one of the indispensable materials for people's life and national economic development.
EPE pearl cotton foam material is a new type of plastic product material that has risen in China in the past decade. It is a plastic material made of polyethylene plastic particles to form a pearl cotton foam sheet through heating, melting, extrusion, catalysis, and foaming. The material is characterized by sound insulation, heat insulation, impact resistance, anti-friction, anti-shock, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-deformation, non-toxic, non-odor, soft and easy. It can be made into 0.5-13mm sheet-like materials, and can also be made into various packaging materials and filling materials through lamination and lamination.

Nowadays, this material has been used more and more widely in the fields of construction engineering, decoration industry, precision instruments, advanced machinery and equipment, automobiles, aircraft, advanced measuring tools, household appliances, high-grade glassware, porcelain, crafts, daily necessities, stationery, Packaging and filling aids for toys, footwear, clothing, furniture, tableware, food and fruits, vegetables and other materials. In agriculture, it has begun to be widely used in greenhouse insulation and fruit and vegetable shock, friction, heat insulation, impact resistance, antisepsis, and moisture resistance.

EPE pearl cotton foam material is a new type of polyethylene plastic product. Due to its special advantages, it not only does not pollute the environment, but can be recycled repeatedly. Therefore, it is a new type of material that will never decline in Chaoyang according to its own characteristics. . With the advancement of time and the continuous development and application of products, EPE pearl cotton foam materials will be more widely used in packaging and filling materials.
Because EPE pearl cotton foam material is a new type of environmental protection packaging and filling material. Its superior characteristics are more and more recognized, so its use will continue to expand and innovate. Especially in packaging and other industrial materials, it has better performance, lower cost, higher grade, beautiful appearance and better effect than traditional materials. In addition, it has a wider world in the packaging materials of agricultural and sideline products. At the same time, EPE pearl cotton foam sheet can also be further processed. It only needs to prepare pearl cotton laminating machine and laminating machine. The surface of EPE sheet is covered with HDPE film, aluminized film, plastic coated paper, plastic coated cloth, etc. After being coated, the EPE sheet not only improves the mechanical strength, but also improves the original performance and the printing of various patterns and characters, and expands the product promotion efforts. In addition, the composite sheet can be widely applied to inner liner materials such as box linings, life jackets, heat insulation, and moisture-proof tents, and the economic benefits have doubled.

In addition, EPS (foamed polystyrene) packaging products cannot be recycled after use, which causes white pollution and is banned internationally. In 1998, Europe and the United States and other countries issued a ban on the import of any EPS packaging products. In 1999, China promulgated railways and other departments to ban EPS fast food boxes. Therefore, EPE pearl cotton packaging products will completely replace EPS packaging materials, and will soon occupy the packaging market and may Packaging materials such as paper and corrugated cardboard boxes are more beautiful than any packaging material.

Jiangsu Biweiman epe pearl cotton flexible molding laminating machine, also known as pearl cotton automatic laminating machine. All products can be flexibly formed by one person, especially for multi-layer lamination, irregular shaped lamination of various layers, and other special-shaped laminations can be completed at one time (have helped customers solve problems such as TCL, Asus, Konka, Foxconn Electronics, Changhong, Fei Electronic packaging products such as song navigation), this machine is controlled by PLC programming and assisted by human-machine interface. It adopts fully automatic flow operation and quickly fits special equipment for pearl cotton. The device can be controlled by one person, with fast production speed, high pass rate, smoke-free, energy saving and environmental protection. Using an automatic ironing machine can not only greatly improve production efficiency, improve the working environment, but also improve the quality of packaging products, greatly reduce labor costs, and improve the company Competitiveness.

Briefly explain that the new generation of EPE automatic glueless bonding machine has less hot material, uses servo positioning, faster response speed, smooth and smooth action, longer service life, faster production cycle, lower power consumption, and no rubber wire. Save labor. It can meet the production of various high-end EPE pearl cotton packaging, and enhance the company's market competitiveness.
The advantages of EPE automatic ironing machine are as follows:
1. Large size products can save 1-2 manpower, and the smaller the product, the more manpower saved (depending on the specific product).
2. Save about hot-melt adhesive, almost eliminate the use cost of hot-melt adhesive (hot-melt adhesive is about 4 yuan / square meter, perm lamination only costs 3MM, about 1.1 yuan / square meter).
3. The finished product is very flat, without rubber wire, and there will be no yellowing caused by using hot melt adhesive. This can meet the needs of many specific customers.
4. The operation is simple, the staff can get started very quickly when using it, and the average worker can use it skillfully.
5. The heating plate is controlled by a microcomputer to keep the temperature uniform and the product quality consistent.
6. The heating device is far from the operator, and the operator is safe and comfortable.
7. Batch bonding, saving labor and time of packaging.
8. Pearl cotton automatic hot stamping machine is easy to use, simple to operate, safe and reliable, and various parameters can be adjusted at will. Main parameters of EPE automatic ironing machine: Laminating range L800mm * 1200mm, upper laminating height 180mm, lower laminating height 100mm

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