Foshan Pearl Cotton Manufacturer's Product Parameter Description

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Foshan Pearl Cotton Manufacturer's Product Parameter Description

EPE pearl cotton products
EPE pearl cotton is widely used in the elastic lining of handbags and bags, industrial production of sound insulation, thermal insulation materials, agricultural insulation materials, aquaculture floating equipment, protective pads for sports products, water lifesaving equipment, floor decoration for homes and hotels, Padding and more. Its pipes are widely used in air-conditioning, baby carriages, children's toys, furniture and other industries.

EPE foam sheet has many excellent properties and is widely used in the packaging industry. The market demand is very strong, which has led to a lot of demand from many manufacturers and production equipment. For this reason, it is necessary to understand how to choose an extruder for EPE foam sheet.

EPE pearl cotton foam material is a new type of plastic product material that has risen in China in the past decade. It is a plastic material made of polyethylene plastic particles to form a pearl cotton foam sheet through heating, melting, extrusion, catalysis, and foaming. The material has the characteristics of sound insulation, heat insulation, shock resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, deformation resistance, non-toxicity, no odor, ease and softness. It can be made into 0.5-13mm sheet materials, and can also be used to make various packaging materials and filling materials through compounding and laminating. It is widely used for packaging of products in various industries.

The new type relates to the field of packaging materials, and specifically refers to an environmentally-friendly, foldable packaging material called EPE structure. It includes a packaging body, a cross-sectional structure of the packaging body, and a pearl cotton material body. A composite layer is formed on the surface of the pearl cotton material body, and the composite layer is mainly composed of a high-strength plastic film.

A new type of pearl blended cellulose fiber (pearl fiber) knitted fabric and commonly used functional knitted fabrics were selected as samples to conduct relevant experiments on moisture transfer, air permeability, moisture permeability, and heat retention, and the thermal and wet comfort performance of the fabric was analyzed. The gray cluster analysis theory was used to evaluate the comprehensive wearability of pearl fibers and their blended knitted fabrics. The results show that pearl fiber and viscose fiber knitted fabrics have the closest heat and moisture transfer performance and are suitable for making underwear fabrics.

The technology of adjusting the thickness of the die head of the pearl cotton foaming machine production line has undergone technical research. At present, it has successfully developed a new technology that can realize the adjustment of the thickness without breaking, without manual traction. The biggest advantage of its technology is that it saves manpower and reduces waste generation, and one person can adjust the thickness of the product. It has been used by 16 companies in China, and the effect is obvious.

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