Teach you the quality of EPE pearl cotton tube stick

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EPE pearl cotton tube stick is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials. It consists of low-density polyethylene grease with many independent bubbles that occur through physical foaming. It overcomes the shortcomings of the general styrofoam, such as fragility, deformation and poor recovery. The EPE pearl cotton tube not only has the above characteristics, but also has many advantages such as water and moisture resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, good plasticity, strong toughness, recycling, environmental protection, and strong impact resistance. It also has excellent resistance. Chemical function. It is an ideal alternative to traditional packaging materials.

The composite finished product of EPE pearl cotton pipe rod and aluminum foil or aluminized film has excellent anti-infrared and ultraviolet ray talents, and is a substitute for sunshade of some chemical equipment refrigerators and camping devices. Because EPE pearl cotton tube has the above characteristics, it is also one of the factors that are widely used today.epe pearl cotton tube rod is widely used in our daily life, so how to distinguish the quality of EPE pearl cotton tube rod when purchasing Good or bad?

1. "touch" texture. Generally speaking, PE particles are likely to be rough with impurities;

2. "Pinch" hardness. PE pipe strips have the appropriate hardness, and can be pinched and deformed, certainly not PE pipe strips;

3. "Look at" color. PE pipe strips are mainly white, gray, and green. Consumers generally think that white is the best. Color is not a criterion for judging quality.

4. "Smell" the smell. The main information of PE pipe is polypropylene. Good pipes have no odor, and bad ones have strange smell. It is likely that polyethylene is blended instead of polypropylene;

5.PE "smashes" elasticity. A good PP-R tube has a good "resilient" property. Simply smashing a natural PP-R tube is not good. However, strong hardness does not mean good elasticity. Some manufacturers improve the hardness by adding too many impurities such as calcium carbonate. It will not break when it is used, and it will simply crack after a long time;

6. PE "burns" the smell of smoke. The PE pipe strip mixed with the recovered plastic and other impurities in the raw material will emit black smoke and a nasal smell. And the good raw materials not only do not emit black smoke and odor after incineration, the molten liquid is still very clean after incineration.

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