Comparison of the functions of different pillows

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Presumably, when people choose pillows, the city sees all kinds of pillow materials, flowers are confusing, and the salesman and the product shape are dazzling, making everyone feel uneasy and confused. I do n’t know which one to choose.

High-elastic cotton is a 15D Yizheng cotton commonly used in chemical fiber cotton. It has good air permeability and white elasticity. 7D Yizheng cotton has lower air permeability and resilience than 15D Yizheng cotton, but its softness is better.

Pearl cotton is a chemical fiber cotton processed into a pearl shape through a huge process, with a good breathability and tranquility.

Down velvet is a chemical fiber cotton, also called race down. The fibers processed by Yizheng synthetic fibers are shorter, thinner, have good air permeability, and have good whiteness and softness.

Buckwheat pillows have been used for a long time and have the goal of nourishing the brain.

Maifan Stone Pillow has the characteristics of anti-visdon, anti-hypoxia and anti-aging.

The chrysanthemum pillow has the functions of dredging wind, clearing liver and eyesight, clearing heat and detoxifying.

The lavender pillow has been used for a long time to relieve headaches and anxiety caused by busy things and stress.

Honeysuckle pillows have a long-lasting use of anti-aging and anti-cancer results.

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