Introduction to the principle of pearl cotton bag

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First, the principle and characteristics of non-woven bag making machine

Non-woven bag making machine is used to feed powder (colloid or liquid) into the hopper above the packaging machine. The introduction speed is controlled by the photoelectric positioning device. The roll of sealing paper (or other packaging materials) The guide roller drives the introduction to the lapel shaper. After being bent, it is overlapped by the longitudinal sealer into a cylindrical shape. The material is actively measured and filled into the finished bag. The bag tube is intermittently pulled downwards, and finally a flat bag with three sides sealed on the longitudinal seam is formed to complete the sealing of one bag.

Classification of non-woven bags

Non-woven bags are classified by use:

1.Advertising advertising bag

The shopping bag advertisement can use the limited area of the bag body to convey the market information of the company or product service to the world. When customers carry shopping bags printed with shop advertisements and walk through the streets and lanes, they are actually some exquisite advertising bags, which are no less than making an excellent advertising sign, but the cost is relatively low.

Non-woven bag making machine

2. Knowledge-based advertising bag

It prints all kinds of pictures and words with certain knowledge, such as international famous paintings and Chinese calligraphy, on shopping bags. This type of shopping bag not only provides convenience for consumers when carrying items, but also cultivates the feelings of everyone and makes people feel beautiful.

3.Gift type advertising bag

Our country is a state of etiquette. Every New Year and Happy Birthday, everyone always brings gifts to "walk around, walk around" to connect feelings and set the atmosphere. When guests put the gifts in shopping bags with the words "Wish you a long life" and "May the King be happy", the owner felt more than just gifts.

4.Souvenir type advertising bag

Such as XX Art Festival commemorative, travel commemorative bags and so on. This strategy caters to everyone's mind and honor, so that everyone has a new feeling after shopping.

5.Simple advertising bag

When customers purchase miscellaneous things and need simple shopping bags to hold them, if the store can provide one, it will definitely relieve the worries of consumers, which will definitely be expected by consumers. Convenience is a major trick in sales itself.

6, time-oriented advertising bags

Everyone generally seeks a high-level lifestyle, and fashionable products lead the trend of temporary spending. When the society is "hot", if the store prints product pictures and promotional information on beautiful shopping bags, it is undoubtedly the main method of promotion. When consumers see that hot products are available in a certain store, the "irresistible temptation" also occurs.

7, antique advertising bag

Many traditional products with high social reputation are favored by consumers because of their sophisticated materials, old-fashioned products, and long history. If the shopping bags are printed with ancient and elegant pictures and text, it will give people a sense of honor and dignity, and it will certainly cause some consumers to shop.

According to the different production processes, it can be divided into:

1. Spunlace: It sprays high-pressure micro-water flow on one or more layers of fiber nets, entangles the fibers with each other, so that the fiber nets are strengthened and have certain strength.

2. Heat-sealed non-woven bag: refers to the fiber-like or powder-like hot-melt bonding and reinforcing materials in the web, and the web is then consolidated into a cloth by heating, melting and cooling.

3. Pulp air-laid non-woven bag: It can also be called dust-free paper and dry paper-making non-woven fabric. It uses air-laying technology to open the wood pulp fiberboard into a single fiber state, and then uses airflow to make the fibers condense on the net curtain, and then the fiber net is consolidated into a cloth.

4. Wet method non-woven bag: The fiber raw material placed in the aqueous medium is opened into single fibers, and the different fiber raw materials are mixed together to make a fiber suspension slurry. The suspension slurry is transported to the netted tissue, and the fibers are wet. In the state, the net is then consolidated into a cloth.

5. Spunbond non-woven bag: After the polymer has been extruded and stretched to form continuous filaments, the filaments are laid into a web, and the web is then bonded by itself, thermally bonded, chemically bonded or mechanically Reinforcement method makes the web become non-woven.

Bag making machine
6. Meltblown non-woven bag: Its process: polymer feeding --- melt extrusion --- fiber composition --- fiber cooling --- forming a net --- strengthening into a cloth.
7. Acupuncture: It is a kind of dry non-woven fabric. Needle-punched non-woven fabric is the puncture effect of puncture needle, which strengthens the loose fiber web into a cloth.

8. Stitch knitting: a kind of dry-laid non-woven fabric. The stitch knitting method uses warp-knitted stitches to construct webs, yarn layers, and non-woven materials.

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