Introduction of anti-static pearl cotton

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First, EPE foam

EPE foam, with its low cost and moderate compliance, has been widely used in packaging materials guessing, especially in the guessing of electronic product packaging materials. The antistatic EPE foam is even more Preferred antistatic packaging material.

Anti-static features of EPE foam

The common practice of the industry to produce antistatic pearl cotton EPE foam is to foam the pearl cotton masterbatch that is rich in antistatic agents together with ordinary pearl cotton particles, and then obtain pearl cotton foam with certain antistatic compliance. The characteristics of antistatic agents determine the ESD compliance of EPE foam with the following characteristics:

1. Cheap.
2. High impedance, above 1010, usually 1011.
3. It is greatly affected by humidity. When the humidity is less than 50%, the impedance will reach more than 1012, and it will lose its anti-static compliance.
4. The durability is not long. After several weeks of use, the impedance increases and the antistatic obedience is low.

Third, other anti-static measures

Some companies apply ESD foam on EPE foam to obtain temporary low-impedance effects. However, due to the nature of the raw materials used, they still cannot deal with the problems of long-term effects of temperature and humidity.

Break through

Let's immerse ourselves in research for eight years. Recently, we have made breakthrough growth in handling anti-static questions of EPE foam. The typical anti-static coatings of its special EPE foam EPE foam are as follows:

Humidity: 38%
Temperature: 29 ° C
Appearance resistance: 108Ω

1, low external impedance, 108 is a typical value
2. Impedance stability, temperature and humidity have little effect on external impedance
For example, 35% RH resistance is 108
60% RH resistance is 108
3. It can last for more than six months. It is completely satisfied with the life of pearl cotton EPE foam.
4, coating amount and appearance impedance claims: the coating amount is usually around 40g / m2, you can get a satisfactory long-lasting antistatic effect.
Product content: antistatic floor wax; antistatic liquid; static eliminator; pearl cotton antistatic liquid; antistatic cleaner; high-gloss floor wax; strong waxing water; concrete seal curing agent and other floor works: epoxy floor, Anti-static epoxy floor, concrete seal solidified floor, corundum wear-resistant floor, concrete floor surface, etc.

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