• [珍珠棉新闻] 佛山珍珠棉厂家对于产品的介绍 2016-01-27 [Pearl Cotton News] Foshan Pearl Cotton Manufacturers' Product Introduction

    Foshan pearl cotton manufacturers' introduction of products Pearl cotton bags are also called EPE bags, and the pearl cotton bags are all called: EPE pearl cotton coated bags. Because the pure pearl cotton material is very easy to break, it is necessary to add a layer of PE film on the pearl cotton to increase the tensile properties and tear resistance. Here's how to judge the quality of pearl cotton: 1 Looking at the softness, only the soft pearl cotton can play a good role in protecting the product during transportation. This is the most important point. 来源: 作者:admin 阅读数:74 2 Look insulation .. [Read the full text] Source: Author: admin Read Times: 74
  • [珍珠棉新闻] 珍珠棉的相关结构和知识 2016-01-26 [Pearl Cotton News] Related structures and knowledge of pearl cotton

    Related structure and knowledge of pearl cotton The pearl cotton foaming machine is mainly used to produce EPE sheet. After melting LDPE resin, it is mixed with butane gas, talc, anti-shrinking agent and other agents, extruded through an extruder, and Foam is formed on the die head and the die lip, and then passed through the setting ring to fix the sheet size. Finally, the product is taken up by a take-up roll. Polyethylene foamed cotton is a non-crosslinked closed-cell structure, also known as EPE pearl cotton, a new environmentally friendly packaging material. 来源: 作者:admin 阅读数:77 Produce numerous independent low-density polyethylene resin foamed physical .. [Read entirety] Source: OF: admin Read Times: 77
  • [珍珠棉新闻] 珍珠棉保护膜有那些选择 2016-01-25 [Pearl Cotton News] What are the choices of pearl cotton protective film

    With the continuous development of the industry, some large-scale EPE foamed pearl cotton deep-processing companies are continuously adopting automated equipment production instead of manual upgrades. EPE foamed pearl cotton cotton is developed and produced by automatic flexible molding and laminating. The equipment, also known as the pearl cotton automatic laminating machine, is a special equipment capable of automatically and quickly laminating pearl cotton by using a PLC program and human-machine interface assisted control, and adopting a fully automated assembly line. 来源: 作者:admin 阅读数:79 Automated hot paste machine can completely replace the manual, complete .. [Read the full text] Source: Author: admin Reads: 79
  • [珍珠棉新闻] 中国市场对于EPE包装材料的需求情况 2016-01-23 [Pearl Cotton News] Chinese market demand for EPE packaging materials

    Chinese market demand for EPE packaging materials EPE (polyethylene) foamed sheet packaging materials entered the Chinese market in the late 1980s, before foreign countries such as Germany and Italy, the United States was the first to use EPE (polyethylene) foamed sheet packaging materials. 来源: 作者:admin 阅读数:64 Then, in the early 1990s, it quickly developed to South Korea and Japan. By the end of 2007, foreign developed countries also used a large amount of EPE foam sheet packaging materials as inner packaging and positioning packaging for electrical appliances, meters, furniture and other products. . [read full text] source: author: admin Reads: 64
  • [珍珠棉新闻] 珍珠棉与牛皮纸组合可以更好 2016-01-22 [Pearl Cotton News] Combination of pearl cotton and kraft paper can be better

    The combination of pearl cotton and kraft paper can be better proven. Wrap the kraft paper with pearl cotton. This is the best way to pack aluminum. It can prevent damage and abrasion at the same time, as well as a protective film. Tear off and put on the plastic film seal! 1. Feeding section: The two ends of the feeding section are respectively connected with the barrel and the reduction box, and the raw materials are sent to the extruder from this part. Including the hopper, screw, barrel, main motor of the extruder and other parts, the AC motor is connected to the host screw through a reduction box. 来源: 作者:admin 阅读数:68 2, plastics heating .. [Read the full text] Source: Author: admin Reads: 68
  • [珍珠棉新闻] 判断珍珠棉的质量如何去做 2016-01-21 [Pearl Cotton News] How to judge the quality of pearl cotton

    How to judge the quality of pearl cotton? How to make a special protective film manufacturer for pearl cotton, pearl cotton sheet, pearl cotton sheet, EPE pearl cotton coated bag (pearl cotton bag), pearl cotton bag, peritoneal roll, pearl cotton peritoneal bag A special protective film is used in the process of double-sided peritoneal pearl cotton, silk-printed pearl cotton, etc. to improve the mechanical properties of pearl cotton, increase stretchability and tear resistance. There are three indicators for judging the quality of pearl cotton: 1. Look at the softness. 来源: 作者:admin 阅读数:61 Only soft and strong EPE in .. [Read the full text] Source: Author: admin Reads: 61
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