• [珍珠棉新闻] EPE珍珠棉的用途与特性 2016-07-23 [Pearl Cotton News] EPE pearl cotton uses and characteristics

    The characteristics of EPE pearl cotton: EPE pearl cotton cross-linked closed-cell structure, also known as polyethylene foam, is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials. It is composed of low-density polyethylene grease with many independent bubbles generated by physical foaming. It overcomes the shortcomings of the general styrofoam, such as fragility, deformation and poor recovery. It has many advantages such as water and moisture resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, good plasticity, strong resistance, recycling, environmental protection, and strong impact resistance. It also has excellent chemical resistance. 来源:hocosnapz.com 作者:南海珍珠棉厂家 阅读数:1 Ambition is traditional packaging materials .. [Read the full text] Source: hocosnapz.com Author: South Sea pearl factory Reads: 1
  • [珍珠棉新闻] 防静电珍珠棉的介绍 2016-06-27 [Pearl Cotton News] Introduction of anti-static pearl cotton

    I. EPE foam EPE foam EPE foam, with its low cost and moderate cushioning characteristics, has been extremely widely used in packaging materials guessing, especially in the guessing of electronic product packaging materials. EPE foam is the preferred antistatic packaging material. 来源: 作者:南海珍珠棉厂家 阅读数:15 Second, the anti-static characteristics of EPE foam EPE foam The industry generally produces anti-static EPE foam EPE foam by foaming the EPE masterbatch that is rich in antistatic agents and ordinary EPE foam together, and then ... read] source: author: South Sea pearl factory Reads: 15
  • [珍珠棉新闻] 珍珠棉制袋的原理介绍 2016-04-02 [Pearl Cotton News] Principles of Pearl Cotton Bag Making

    来源:hocosnapz.com 作者:admin 阅读数:54 First, the principle and characteristics of non-woven bag-making machine Non-woven bag-making machine is from the feeder in the actual delivery of powder (colloid or liquid) into the hopper above the packaging machine, the introduction speed is controlled by photoelectric positioning equipment, into The roll of sealing paper (or other packaging materials) is introduced into the lapel shaper by the guide rollers. After being bent, it is overlapped by the vertical sealer into a cylindrical shape. The material is actively measured and filled into the finished bag. transverse heat-sealing packer carrying the bag with cut intermittently pulling down the barrel, and finally three sides constituting the overlapping longitudinal seam seal .. [read entirety] source: hocosnapz.com oF: admin Reads: 54
  • [珍珠棉新闻] 珍珠棉的9大作用 2016-03-24 [Pearl Cotton News] 9 functions of pearl cotton

    来源:hocosnapz.com 作者:admin 阅读数:48 1. Good softness and warmth; 2. Low thermal conductivity; excellent thermal insulation; 3. Foam material with independent bubbles, almost no water-absorbent waterproof material; 4. High foaming and good water resistance, making it have Very strong buoyancy; 5. Not corrosive and anticorrosive materials; 6. Not affected by various weather conditions, good weather resistance; 7. Foam material with independent bubbles has good soundproof and vibration-proof results; 8. Blocking , bonding, extrusion, vacuum forming, compression molding processability excellent; 9 .. small gas. [read full] source: hocosnapz.com oF: admin Reads: 48
  • [珍珠棉新闻] 关于珍珠棉的发展趋势 2016-03-15 [Pearl Cotton News] About the development trend of pearl cotton

    When the ancients were fighting plastics or plastic products everywhere in survival, things, and studies, it has become one of the lack of materials for people's survival and economic growth of the people. EPE pearl cotton foam material is a new type of plastic material that has risen in China as usual. It is a plastic material made of polyethylene plastic particles, heated, melted, extruded, catalyzed, and foamed to form a pearl cotton foam sheet. 来源:hocosnapz.com 作者:admin 阅读数:75 The characteristics of the material is noise, heat resistance, strikes, friction, shock-proof, waterproof, corrosion, .. [Read the full text] Source: hocosnapz.com Author: admin Reads: 75
  • [珍珠棉新闻] 不同枕芯的作用对比 2016-03-09 [Pearl Cotton News] Function comparison of different pillows

    Presumably, when people choose pillows, the city sees all kinds of pillow materials, flowers are confusing, and the salesman and the product shape are dazzling, making everyone feel uneasy and confused. I do n’t know which one to choose. High-elastic cotton is a 15D Yizheng cotton commonly used in chemical fiber cotton. It has good air permeability and white elasticity. 7D Yizheng cotton has lower air permeability and resilience than 15D Yizheng cotton, but its softness is better. 来源:hocosnapz.com 作者:admin 阅读数:72 EPE cotton fiber by chemical processing technology, large pearl .. [Read entirety] Source: hocosnapz.com OF: admin Reads: 72
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